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Corey has always been involved in the sales industry having a vast background in a lot of different industries. From owning his own businesses early on, and then moving from car sales to real estate sales in the past few years, he has grown into a well know and well-established agent. Throughout the different places he has worked, Corey always was consistently on or near the top of the sales board every month.

2020 was the year that Corey decided to enhance his skills and stepped into the world of Real Estate. In the first 3 months, he sold in excess of 4 million dollars’ worth of local real estate, and to give you an idea on how much he has grown, Corey is just shy of selling 100 homes in Ipswich in the last 12 months, totalling a whopping 53 million dollars.

Some might ask, why Corey over other agents? The answer is simple, he grew up in Ipswich, went to school in Ipswich, bought his first home in Raceview, a suburb of Ipswich, and still lives in and calls Ipswich home.

Corey’s attitude towards working is always geared for working around the clock for his clients and can be reached any time of the day.

Joining forces with Dean Stenzel & Corey Athanates as co-directors at Revolution Property Group, they have 20 years of combined experience in selling real estate in the Ipswich area. Matched with a flawless marketing and admin team behind the scenes, they are able to present homes in the most amazing and effective way.

Corey’s ultimate goal is simply to keep our local Ipswich homes selling at an all-time high, whilst keeping the process of selling people’s greatest assets a simple one and as affordable as he can for his clients.

For a chat about anything real estate, Corey is a simple phone call away.

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